“Maybe it’s because I’m a child at heart, but I absolutely love working with kids—they say and do the funniest things and it’s amazing to watch them grow in skill and confidence.”

Ages: 7-12

The ATA Kids program at Bridgeport ATA builds on skills developed in the ATA Tigers program with a focus on fitness, grace and courtesy, moral decision making, and respect. The curriculum also provides additional, more comprehensive education related to bully prevention and self-defense.

ATA Kids Oath

Songahm Spirit of Taekwondo

ATA Oath (Before Class) (Ages 7+)

Sir / Ma'am...

I will practice in the Spirit of Taekwondo,

with Courtesy for fellow students

Loyalty for my instructors,

and Respect for my juniors and seniors

... Sir / Ma’am


ATA Oath (After Class) (Ages 7+)

Sir / Ma'am...

I shall live with perseverance in the

Spirit of Taekwondo,

Having honor with others.

Integrity within myself,

And self-control.

Sir / Ma'am...